Boob Candle #7 in Scorpio
Boob Candle #7 in Scorpio
Boob Candle #7 in Scorpio

Boob Candle #7 in Scorpio

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A celebration + collaboration of women.
A stunning handmade ceramic vessel shaped like boobs with gold nipples made by Mary Miller of Mochotto Ceramics. Then transformed into a deliciously scented soy wax candle by Paige Olson of Rinse and Repeat.

The best part? Once you burn down your candle you're left with the incredible vessel. Use it as a trinket dish, ring dish, coin holder, business card holder, decor - or whatever else your heart desires and your mind can think of. This will be a piece you keep forever.

Intense and alluring, this fragrance was made with power in mind.
The black cherry is delicious and strong, while the almond brings a vivid sweetness. Amber mixes throughout, grounding with a musky maturity.

~ 3.7oz
~ pure soy wax
phthalate free fragrance oils
~ cotton wick

Boob Candle #7 in Scorpio